iCHANGE Nations (iCN™) Congratulates Ghana’s New President

iChange Nations (iCNTM) have issued a press statement to congratulate the country’s newly sworn-in President, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo and the entire Ghanaian citizenry for holding successful elections in 2016 and deepening the country’s democracy.

According to Dr. Clyde Rivers who is a United Nations Peace Ambassador and the President of iCNTMwhich is the largest “Establishing Cultures of Honour” organization in the world, Ghana as a country that is clearly dedicated to democratisation has the potential to become the first Golden Rule Nation in the World especially with the establishment of the first African Chapter iCN.

Dr. Richmond Annan, CEO of iCNTM Africa added that iCN™ is committed to supporting efforts at deepening democracy and economic stability within the countries in which they operate.

The team also congratulated H.E. John Dramani Mahama, for his valiant effort during the campaign and wished him every success in all his endeavors. They acknowledged his dedication to the continuous democratization process and say “ayeeko” for his hard work during his term as President of Ghana and efforts at ensuring a peaceful transition.

They also commended the Electoral Commission for a job well done in the organization of the 2016 General Elections.

Further acknowledgment of the work of the National Peace Council, Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), other Civil Service Organizations, and all Ghanaians in protecting our thriving democracy.


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