Dr. Richmond Annan honored as World Civility Ambassador



Dr. Richmond Annan is a Business Executive, an Entrepreneur, a Software Engineer, a Global speaker and a Pastor. He is a motivator and an influential leader, who serves with honesty, excellence, and integrity, he is a Global Advisor, an analytical and proactive thinker. He is a voice of positive change who has experienced the supreme power of God in several mighty ways; he is also the Director of Christian Leadership Institute in NJ, a founder of several ministries and a successful business owner. For more than two decades in the ministry, he continues to be a voice of positive influence, innovation and inspiration.

He was the author of the book ‘Believe Again; your purpose is greater than your pain’ published on 24th of October, 2016, which was focused on “Words are the foundation of anything you do.”

The second World Civility Day was held on the 13th, April 2017, which include a kickoff lunch and workshops. This event attracted hundreds of dignitaries geared towards the act of being civil in politics, classrooms, everyday life and workplace gathered at Indiana Welcome Center for the second World Civility Day, in which Dr. Richmond Annan was awarded International Honor Award.

One of the messages from the World Civility Day Awards dinner and celebration was on how civility can change the lives of people around the world positively. Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers said “We need to understand the fact that every person is a gift”, “If you mistreat or mishandle your brothers and sisters, we lose their positive contribution”. He also said “We have a gift famine, not an economic famine. If we don’t treat people well, we lose their gifts and contributions. We need to learn and understand how to live the Golden Rule.” That is, do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

The workshop section of the event was focused on Civility in the classrooms, Civility in the community, cyber bullying and ethics training for public employees. The Director of the Gary Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Hughes Chuck ascertained the day was fantastic and that dignitaries from 8 nations and 14 states were in attendance at the second World Civility Day workshops.

The initiative and campaign for the Community Civility Counts were launched in the early part of 2015 as a collaboration between The Times Media and the Gary Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hughes expresses his satisfaction and credited the Chamber’s public policy chairman, Gordon E. Bradshaw for initiating a great idea and for designing a poster at the committee’s meeting held in 2015. The designed poster was fascinating to the founder and president of iChange Nations, Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers.

The Community Civility Counts was a derivative after a careful study of many acts of cruel behavior and incivility said, Hughes Chuck. He also added that on behalf of the Gary Chamber and the entire Board of Directors and all members, that “I express special gratitude to our Civility partners from within the country and those who traveled from far and near to promote the act of kindness towards fellow human being.

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