Amb. Clyde Rivers on Golden Rule Business Day

Amb. Clyde Rivers on Golden Rule Business Day

In our lives, we have known many people who are the real game changers. The finest example of a game changer in today’s modern era is Dr. Clyde Rivers. Dr. Rivers was born and brought up in Victorville in California. He is lovingly called by his friends and family as ‘Scooty.'  A person at his school named him as ‘Special Ed’ as he grew his liking for the game of Basketball. He even became a popular basketball player during his college years and won the basketball scholarship at the University of Utah. Dr. Rivers talked about his affinity for his University and also about the lessons that changed his life completely during his years as a college student. He shared many of his basketball game memories where he played against sports icons like Thurl Bailey, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Michael Jordan.

Recently, at the convention of  ‘World Civility Day’ held on 14th April n2016, as the president as well as the CEO of iChange Nations, Dr. Clyde Rivers spoke about his idea of ‘Golden Rule.' This esteemed and globally recognized organization recognized many individuals of the countries across the world that have played important roles in changing the face of their respective nations. This significant movement of world peace celebrated its very first anniversary recently. The Community Civility Counts Initiative initially took place in Gary Indiana. Mr. Chuck Hughes and Dr. Gordon Bradshaw was the person responsible for starting this movement. This movement was partnered with the Gary Chamber of Commerce and the Times Media Company. They kept the matter of public safety in their minds.

Dr. Clyde Rivers has given this initiative an international platform which focuses on the fruitful relationship and also helps the people across the nations the basic necessity to understand the value of human rights. Dr. Clyde Rivers has been honored with the title of World Peace Ambassador. As a representative, he teaches the leaders of the world about his famous ‘Golden Rule’ movement which preaches the peace building of all kinds to human faiths of this world. This Golden Rule has been recognized by the United Nations’ branch of New York’s North Division. The Golden Rule Award recognized by the United Nations is present across one hundred and twenty nations across the world, and these nations are gradually implementing the Golden Rule gradually. This award has been recently conferred to Mr. Girma Wolde, the honorable President of Ethiopia and also the peace activist Ambassador Mussie Hailu. They embraced and promoted the concept of Golden Rule on the global platform.

Dr. Clyde Rivers have won several prestigious awards for his devotion as well as the contribution to the world peace. He has been garnered with the awards from Vicente Fox, the honorable president of Mexico and also Dr. Alberto Santana of Peru. He also reestablished the lost art of Honor for which he received the respect of many significant world leaders which included Heads of the State, Dignitaries and the Universities globally.

“Every Individual Born In This World, Is Valuable To The World; And Especially Valuable To God.’

  • Clyde Rivers

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