Amb. Clyde Rivers in Africa Ghana



Ambassador Clyde Rivers founded and currently heads the iChange Nations (iCN). He also oversees the global Golden Rules of Dialogue. He has a mission, which is to ensure that the world is a better place, where everyone is treated fairly and with equity within the business community. He moves around the world with one goal in mind, to promote the purpose and goals of the Golden Rules of Dialogue. He believes this will be a development process through which the world finds peace, by applying the Golden Rule. His favorite slogan being for this mission has a message that depicts that we should treat others, in the same manner, you will want to be treated. He is a powerful believer in the cause that every life has immense value, and we were all created to contribute something meaningful to the world. He emphasized that the lack of peace will destroy the contributions of that individual and the entire world has lost the contribution of that person.

On the 4th of December, 2016, Dr. Clyde, Dr. Richmond Annan, Dr. Gladys Loggins from the US delegation met with certain key players in the Ghanaian government like Prof. Emmanuel K. Asante who is the head of the National Peace Council of the Republic of Ghana. They both arranged a treaty to be signed by the two parties that ensure that a peaceful election took place in the country. It was at this meeting that they also discussed the plans to establish the Golden Rule in Ghana. It will be a Youth Peace Program that will help to put in place systems that will foster peace in the Republic. It is designed to help build and keep in place systems that will ensure peace in the Republic of Ghana. Dr. Clyde acknowledged what an honor it was to be granted audience with Prof. Emmanuel Asante and together map out plans on how to establish a long-lasting peace and continued development in Ghana. This discussion was focused on issues that will strengthen the next generation of Ghanaian entrepreneurs and leaders through the Golden Rule education model based on peace. He said, “We look forward to interactions with the head of the Ghanaian Republic in the future as we will return to promote the Golden Rule for Peace and ensure Development.

Ghana’s election results came from the peaceful response from all parties and citizens of the Nation. This peaceful election is solely tied to the peaceful message that Dr. Clyde preached in the days leading up to that election.

Dr. Clyde River has this to say “Travelling around the world, I came into contact with several communities and nations that are deep in turmoil due to trivial issues like tribalism, racism, classism, sexism, and many other things that shouldn’t cause us to divide.” Ambassador Clyde was interviewed by a popular radio host named Prince. He spoke to Ghanaians via one of their popular stations, the Class Radio. He was able to discuss the Golden Rule Dialogue in more details, emphasizing its positive effects and calling on the Ghanaian citizens to hold peace very dearly, honor, respect, and value every human life with their country’s election in mind.

On 6th, December 2016 in Accra, the United States-Africa Chamber of Commerce (US-ACC) launched its first office with the ethics of the Golden Rule within the Ghanaian business community. Ambassador Clyde Rivers with Dr. Richmond Annan, global advisor to iCN undoubtedly had a very pivotal role in the establishment of the premier US-ACC in Ghana.

The United States-Africa Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with iChange Nations (ICN), launched the office on the theme: “Engendering Growth and Development through peace and development. The main aim of the US-ACC is to help build small and medium enterprises in Ghana with the help of International investors. This will bring about the creation of an environment of peace that would, in turn, promote businesses, brings about development and empower the Ghanaian people to thrive and create their economy.

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